Alright, time for me to ‘fess up. I’m in a foul mood.

I’ve been ill this week…just as I had predicted I would be. I hate being sick. The internal debate of “go to the doctor vs. wait it out” is very frustrating for me. I feel like I’m losing either way. It’s prolly strep…with a little earache and sinus pressure thrown in to make it interesting. And, that crap about ‘getting sick is the bodies way of telling you something’ just that, crap. I don’t care to listen what my body might have to say.

I hate going to the dentist too. And, yesterday was go to the dentist and be “told for the millionth time I need to floss regularly” day. I hate flossing. I could care less about periodontal “try to scare the bejeezies out of you” disease. I haven’t had a cavity since I was 8 years old. My teeth aren’t yellow. They aren’t falling out. The “gap” is only about 3 nanometers. And, the gums only bleed when the silly hygenist repeatedly slips with the tooth scraper and pokes me with it.

And, it was cloudy and rainy all day.

Yuck all around.

On the job search front, here’s the latest. I have not received a single goddam fone call or email from a recruiter, headhunter, or agency HR twit for a good two weeks. I’ve hit a brick wall. Yes, I knew this would take some time. There was NO expectation for immediate relief. I am being patient. But, I have come to the conclusion I am NOT going to land the plum job on the cool account with the hip agency in a trendy city. There won’t be any lavish parties thrown for me. I won’t be seen prancing with the beautiful people. No reminiscences will be written extolling my managerial and creative virtues. I won’t be haggled over by two competing firms bidding for my services. I’m just average.

I am at peace with this realization. I’ve said all along, I have options.

And, the grass is always greener.

When working in advertising, the allure to go to the client side is always strong. How can it not be? The clients are the ones making the decisions. The clients, whether it’s the BSchool Marketing Whiz or the franchised retailer, gets to tell the agency jamoke what to do. Account and Creative Service should really be called Subservience. And, over time, having ideas and recommendations continually denied by the client gets to be extremely frustrating.


Well…maybe it’s time to choose a different life.

On Thursday I had lunch with someone that has offered that new choice. He has given me the option of working for the manufacturer or going retail. Either option would be great. Either would open up new perspectives for me. Both would, as a friend has advised me, effectively brand me a car guy for life and prolly end my agency career. The manufacturer job would look great on a resume…fortune 500 names will always open doors. The retail side would mean no more moves and more immediate security and more autonomy. Now I just need to decide, right?

Maybe my other friend is right and my blogging has been “found” by the agency HR twits…effectively killing any interest they might have had in me and my qualifications. If so, C’est la Vie. I prolly wouldn’t have been happy in their institutions anyway.

Stay tuned…

*Hyman Roth, Godfather Part 2