I’m easily annoyed.
Ranting here will help alleviate the annoyance.

This morning I had intended on writing a quick post raving about Firefox and how I have used it for several months and find it to be the greatest browser ever. Tabbed browsing is very cool. The extensions are handy. The user experience beats the competition.

Instead, I got sidetracked writing a post about the Sex Pistols calling the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame “urine” and indie bands telling Hummer to “piss off” (which was courtesy of Adfreak).

So, with a bunch of tabs open to the various links for that alternate/sidetrack post…for which the working title was something like “music as a euphemism for bodily functions“…Firefox locked up on me. After giving it a minute or two, I realized I’d have to close the program. Bollocks!

The experience made me realize Firefox is a great browser, though. For there to be ONE issue in the span of two or three months is simply amazing. If you haven’t tried Firefox yet, here’s where to get it.

By the way, the conclusion to the lost post was going to be that I agreed with Ottmar Liebert (and Ottmar Leibert from The Jamoker archives) about selling songs to advertisers. Taking the money from the proverbial auto advertiser and then giving it to the Sierra Club would be hilarious.