Blurbomat and ThomasHawk talk about “fixing” their pics for web consumption:

People ask me all the time if I edit my photos. This is a loaded question. Of course I edit them. It’s very rare that a photo just happens and everything is perfect. Sometimes everything is great, but the light is flat or the tone is wrong. Most of the edits I do involve color correction (or color interpretation) and sharpening. The images are resized for sharing on the web, and sharpening makes a big difference when you shrink an image. (Blurbomat)

Despite the purists who will tell you that Photoshop is whoring, don’t believe the hype. Virtually all my photos are Photoshopped and you can significantly enhance any photo by doing very simple post processing things like bumping up contrast and saturation and using the healing brush to blot out distractions in your work. (ThomasHawk)

I have not done any editing for my pics other than removing the occasional red eye or rotating vertically/horizontally. The new Nikon D50 has DEFINITELY improved the overall image quality and composition. But, I may start doing a little photoshopping on occasion. Both Blurbomat AND ThomasHawk have absolutely GREAT pics.

Karlababble has a major dilemma. Anybody care to help her help a friend by suggesting an eligible male friend?

I have a dilemma. I don’t expect any of you yahoos to have a solution for me, but I’ll tell you anyway, because if you can’t tell your problem to faceless strangers on the internet, who can you tell them to?

I met and became friendly with a very nice girl over the weekend. In the course of our conversations, she asked me to keep her in mind for any of my single male friends, since she’s unattached and is looking for someone. Being the helpful sort, I quickly agreed, and set to work mentally sorting through my male friends to see who might be available and a good match for her. My enthusiastic, “Let’s help this girl out!” attitude quickly deflated like a balloon when it became clear that in assessing my single male comrades for love candidates, I was doing something akin to rooting through dumpsters looking for something to wear to the prom…

I have not laughed so hard in a while. Go read the rest. It sounds as if her friends are straight out of a Springer episode.

Don’t EVER send a phone text message to HawaiianMark!

And, there’s no WAY you could have predicted you’d see a Stryper reference today.

Very interesting video, courtesy of Random Good Stuff. I can’t recall the last time I set foot in a Wal-Mart. It has to be years…

What the hell is wrong with this person (seen modeling at a GM event)?

How could she have ever thought the outfit was appropriate?

Time for sleepy time night night…