I’m not watching the Oscars.

I can’t stand the speeches. This is not, however, because of the polictically charged (or inane) content. Instead, I just think the thank you speech is an archaic institution. Who cares who was involved and should be thanked? And, I really don’t like the format of the show itself – announcement, clapping, cue the V/O and music, kisses, (too long) speech with names I have never heard before, commercial…rinse and repeat…for four hours…ugghhh

I WILL check the entertainment foto sites tomorrow for pics, though. Can you say Fashion Faux Pas? And, I will be interested if Toyota gets any play off their Red Carpet, Green Cars promotion.

Brokeback rhymes with smokestack. Coincidence? I’m sooo tired of the “gay topic” associated with the movie. It’s either good or it’s not. Why is the gay aspect even part of the conversation?

Millions are now disappointed that their (or their boss’) blackberry won’t be shut down. Carpal tunnels here we come.

Anyone remember Phillip Seymour Hoffman in ‘Scent of a Woman‘ or “Twister‘?

Listening to the new Arctic Monkeys. Very cool stuff. The video for “When The Sun Goes Down” is great too. Goto YouTube and see them for yourself.

And, after getting back late yesterday from HfH…I just needed to Crash.