In KC yesterday and today…maybe the lack of air irritants (dust/pollen/mold/ragweed/junk) will allow me a few hours of respite from the freakin’ allergies. That sound you hear is me hockin’ a big ‘ol lugey.

Got a call from my ‘agent friend’ yesterday. He has had the conversation with the two decision makers for the two retail establishments. And, unfortunately, neither is ready to hire someone of my prodigious talents. The answer, apparently, was not a ‘no’ or ‘never’. Instead, it was a ‘not now’.

I’m a little disappointed. But, I will stay optimistic.

He’s still working on getting me into the manufacturer, though. But, that too would be down the way a bit. Nothing moving quickly, it seems. The industry and economy are stagnant.

And, I’m keeping my fingers crossed…but, not getting my hopes up…for that ‘ideal’ job. Interview is next week.