Bumper to bumper end of day traffic. Everyone is tailgating everyone.
(I witnessed the following incident.)

Everyone is tailgating, that is, except the dude driving the SUV in the left lane who deliberately keeps a ten car length gap. Behind SUV dude is someone on a cell phone, obviously not paying much attention.

SUV Dude brake checks…hard.
Trailing cell phone person barely avoids the rear-ender…but stays close.

SUV Dude brake checks again…hard.
Cell phone person was ready for it…and stays close.

Two more times this exchange occurs.

SUV Dude then moves to the middle lane.
As cell phone person comes along beside, SUV Dude breaks out the double bird.
Cell phone person doesn’t reciprocate…

SUV Dude had a bumper sticker that said, “Real Men Love Jesus”.

SUV Dude obviously had a real problem with the situation. Not only was he upset with an anonymous person who had done nothing to precipitate the incident, but he was also obviously annoyed at everyone else on the road…hence the ten car length stuff. And the aggressive behaviour and hostile hand signals? Not exactly the type of behaviour you’d expect from the god-fearing.

SUV Dude needs to avoid driving during rush hour, he needs to assess his life, and he needs to decide what kind of person he wants to be.

As God so appropriately said over at his her blog:

The question isn’t a matter of changing the behaviors of others so much as it is changing your own behavior.

I hope SUV Dude gets it all figured out and I wish him the best in his life.