About once a week, someone that knows about the awesome so-so Jamoker site and its authorship connection to me will mention it to someone that doesn’t know.

And, each time I cringe.

(Of course, there also follows a necessary 10 minute discourse on the definition of jamoke. I sure picked an obscure one.)

I’m not cringing, though, because of an unwillingness to admit I wrote what is said on the site. I do take full responsibility. But rather, I cringe because I know these people WILL NOT read all of the posts (thus losing the full impact) and more importantly I assume these people will probably make the wrong assumption about the site.

This is a hobby. This is a device to expand my mental faculties (never stop learning).

And, I GREATLY appreciate that I have people willing to stop by and view what I have to say. But, in the end, I’d be doing this even if I only got visits from one person…and she only does it because I used to beat her up. (ask her to tell the story of the time I pushed her down and broke her arm)

So, in the back of my head, I have realized I probably needed to provide a disclaimer…and an explanation occasionally…in order to help the casual or uninitiated reader. Here it is…

The Jamoker is a person of little substance and zero importance writing under a psuedonym. The Jamoker uses this site to explore several unrelated narratives, which are based solely on fictitious figments of his own imagination. No opinion or story expressed on this blog should be construed or considered as a) anything other than Fiction b) representative of anything amounting to Fact c) approved or reviewed by anyone of importance (including friends, family, employers, coworkers, and/or homeless people in Atlanta) and most importantly d) a good indicator of his own opinion, attitudes, ideas and feelings. It’s an online personality. Please don’t take it seriously.

Thanks for stopping by…