If, while driving down the interstate highway, you find yourself behind a tan Buick with a Mary Kay sticker in the back window, do yourself a favor and change lanes immediately. That car is going nowhere fast. The driver will surely brake check every 2 seconds. And, immediately upon passing an exit, a semi lucid moment of recognition will occur…necessitating the obligatory "I have my turn signal on which expressly allows me to move over these five lanes and still attempt to exit" will then commence. Never minding that there is another exit in a half mile. Egads. Surely the dinner buffet at Cracker Barrel could be held through evening rush hour.

A POS (piece of shit) little car, complete with the obvious home-brew window tinting, crosses two lanes without signaling and nearly hits two cars. No brake lights to signal a recognition of the mistake. No attempt to move back to the original lanes. Just an abrupt move as if there were no other cars on the road. If not for the immediate actions taken by the drivers of the other cars, this would have been a huge pile up. The driver of the POS is talking on a cell phone, by the way. And, it is amazing to me that with all of the negative publicity about driving while talking on a cell phone, there are still people who persist in chattering away…oblivious to the dangers.

Outside of NYC, I have yet to observe a taxi driver in any lane other than the far left one…and drive anything but ten miles below the posted speed limit…and 30 mph slower than the surrounding traffic. They must believe themselves to be the safest drivers on the road. Is this done because of gas costs and fuel efficiency? Are they still fresh from the driving test and haven't realized the "rules of the road" are actually only a "guide"? Or, are they worried they'll get deported if they drive in the right lane?

I love the Bubbas that speed up to block someone from merging onto a highway. If I were in charge, those people would be the ones deported.

Ahhhh….Jamokes….ya gotta love 'em…