The frickin PC police are at it again. How in the h3ll am I gonna raise kids if the dolts keep changin the words of all the goddam songs?

Here's a link to a wonderful and amazingly poignant video.

I didn't like the font of that previous blog template. So, black is the new black.

Do you love Calvin and Hobbes? If so, check this out. It's a searchable database of the comic strip. I put in transmogrifier and here's what I got. Very cool…

Released on: Monday, Mar 23rd 1987.
Images copyright Bill Watterson and Universal Press Syndicate

Finally…justification for my slacking at work!! Wisdom is seeping into the collective consciousness that working too much, multitasking, and not getting enough sleep at night is…gasp…cue the dramatic music…unproductive and inefficient.

But it's really, really hard, if not impossible, for the human brain to come up with fresh new ideas when its owner is overworked, overtired, and stressed out.

I'm on Yahoo IM. Anyone that wants to "chat" during the day, just give me a ring. Or, maybe I'll nap. No blogging, though. That would be unethical.

A list of 100 Great Science Fiction Books. I think I agree with the top ten. And, I think I have read about half of the entire list in my life. See point above for how I intend to get the rest of the list completed…

And, lastly, I strongly suggest reading this great article on standby power. We talk about fossil fuels and automobiles and their effect on the environment. Well, the 'always-on' electronic devices that surround us are very wasteful too.