Chep asked the question – Is it the company or the career?

Well…it's both.

In all truth, I have nothing against the company, though. It is a good organization in general. But, the company is probably going to "lose the business" (fancy agency term for getting dumped) as a result of the recent client struggles. And, the issue with the company is that all future growth and career advancement opportunities have essentially disappeared in the last six months. I didn't sign up for "going nowhere"…even if I don't know where I'm going. So, mentally, I have "moved on".

The career is the harder one to discuss. As I said in the mesothelioma post below , it's a matter of questioning whether or not any of this is worthwhile…asking myself do I know where I want to go….asking myself if I have gone too far down the path with this career to make a change…asking myself if I want to chuck the career and start over.

By the way, I found out who got 'the job'. Truth be told, I'm actually OK with it. I'm OK with who it is (I know and have worked with the person) and I'm OK with knowing. It fits in a lot of ways. And, I can move on.