I got no leads.  I got no offers.  I got no relief in sight.

I have submitted my resume to easily 50 companies.  And, aside from the action already mentioned here, I'm nowhere closer to resolution.

A recruiter told me yesterday to be patient.  He said that jobs in my field are few as of late because of all of the layoffs.  He said he will 'keep me in mind if something changes'.  I have my doubts.  And, I'm not interested in being patient.

I have entertained changing careers.  I do think I want to try something different.  The number of people that do what I do is too high considering the number of available positions.  And, the industry is changing.  I think I need to change too.  I worry I will be going through this deal again in a few years and be even more obsolete.

Interactive agencies are where the action is.  Integrated campaigns with web-based components are what advertisers want and need.  And, my resume lacks that experience.  True, I have the interest and the knowledge.  But, so do a lot of other people.

The situation mentioned in this post is nearing conclusion.  After nine and a half weeks, the new structure is supposedly ready to be announced.  I have been told I'm OK.  I will have a job.  But, others won't and it makes me sad.  They might need it more than me.  They might have more of an interest in staying aboard.  I wish I'd found something else and left a vacancy behind.  As it is, though, I'm mad about the delay.  People's lives have been on hold.  People have been pawns.  It isn't right.  And, in the end, the consolidation is much ado about arranging deck chairs on what could be a sinking ship.

I guess I should be happy I have a job.  A paycheck is better than unemployment.  And, maybe the right job for me is just right around the corner.  Maybe an interactive agency will look at the experience I do have and realize it is valuable.  Maybe the new structure will inspire.