Picture this scene, if you will…

It's an early Saturday morning. I'm in the YMCA Gymnasium. It's Soccer Team Picture Day. There are easily 100 kids…and, easily 100 adults.

Mass Confusion. Tight Quarters. The photographers are running behind.

I'm holding my two kids and standing alongside the parents of the other kids from my daughter's team. We're waiting for another team to get their picture taken.

Unfortunately, the noise and confusion is causing all of the kids to fidget and squirm. They want to be out running around, not posing for pictures. One kid in particular is especially wild. The photographer and the coach are unable to get him to settle down.

So, his mother steps forward to have a word with him. She's young…maybe 25…and very good looking. Every parent watches her as she walks over to her son.

Then, standing with her back to the parents and the kids from the other teams, she crouches down to speak with her son. Guess what? Yep. Full on thong display. Hanging out there for a good 30 seconds. There's no way she was unaware. Plumbers have more modesty. I saw people look away. I saw her husband blush.

I realized that boy would probably be the coolest kid in his high school.

And my camera was in the car.