If you can believe, I still don't officially know my fate at the present job.

For those that don't recall exactly, I was told all the way back in January that the client would be making this consolidation change. It has now been nearly three months. THREE MONTHS! I find it simply amazing. No, I find it ludicrous. Actually, words can truly not describe how asinine this is. Yes, complex things take time. BUT, complex (and even simple things) take a LOT of time if no one is doing anything.

They are doing nothing.

When the consolidation was originally announced, the fact that a "decision date" and an "official start date" (for the new structure) were both mentioned as existing…but not shared with us. And, it appears the bureaucrats will be keeping to that official (but private) timetable.

I know they are doing nothing.

I know the structure and personnel have been decided.

Yet they wait…

They wait for their boss to approve…and their boss's boss to approve…and for legal to approve…and for PR to approve…and for the executives to approve…and for the executive management to approve…and for the leadership council to approve…and for the board to approve…and then for the communication to flow in reverse…from all the way at the top back down to the bottom…an entire company of people more concerned with CYA and never creating waves…none will ever make a goddam decision…

I hate waiting.

I'm in a group of 6 people. I'm number 2. In the last ten days numbers 3, 4, 5 & 6 have all quit to take positions that are KNOWN (and probably better). NonReaders here will know I was close to leaving myself. If only…

Today I got a call from a recruiter. Local job. A step up. Smaller agency. Obscure client.

I made a quick decision (without waiting for legal and board approval) and said:

"giddy-the fuck-up"

I'll let ya know if anything comes of it.