From Kottke…

The theory: There are two kinds of bloggers, referential and experiential. Kottke is one. I, now two weeks too late in realizing this, am another.

The referential blogger uses the link as his fundamental unit of currency, building posts around ideas and experiences spawned elsewhere: Look at this. Referential bloggers are reporters, delivering pointers to and snippets of information, insight or entertainment happening out there, on the Intraweb. They can, and do, add their own information, insight and entertainment to the links they unearth — extrapolations, juxtapositions, even lengthy and personal anecdotes — but the outward direction of their focus remains their distinguishing feature.

The experiential blogger is inwardly directed, drawing entries from personal experience and opinion: How about this. They are storytellers (and/or bores), drawing whatever they have to offer from their own perspective. They can, and do, add links to supporting or explanatory information, even unique and undercited external sources. But their motivation, their impetus, comes from a desire to supply narrative, not reference it.

And, the point then drawn in that post is that the referential blogger is more akin to the editor, while the blogger journaling her/his activities and thoughts fits the mold of the writer.  Support for this idea here too at Adage – A Blogger is Just a Writer with a Cooler Name

Behind every venture there exists a certain amount of introspection and contemplation. The Jamoker site for me (obviously) includes a LOT of both. And, apart from the stories about the job search and various irreverent (tasteless?) things I come across and decide to promote, there has been an internal challenge to discover/develop a style and voice.  Based on the above definition, I believe I lean MUCH more to the experiential side.  I'm more a writer than an editor (maybe an editor would have squashed most of what I felt worth posting???).

You should consider your style.  Think about your voice.

Are you an editor or a writer?