You should read this post by Richard MacManus at Read/WriteWeb…because it is funny in an irreverent, dry humor kind of way. The post includes a list of ten reasons why people quit blogging…

8. You never get any links from A-listers, despite constantly linking to them. Well there was that one time when Mike Arrington linked to you in his diary blog Crunchnotes, but he used the 'nofollow' tag.

4. You once tried to be a Snarky blogger, but all the other snarky bloggers then turned snarky on you and you ended up converting to a new religion to recover.

2. Your Technorati rank has 8 figures in it.

What's not on the list? "Boredom" and "Work".

Yes, I think some people get bored with it. I think it becomes too much like work. To be done right, it has to be done daily. And, doing something every day becomes boring…it becomes too much like work. The appeal is lost. The "good times shared with others" is a fiction that only exists in the brochures and advertisements.

Without the good times, the interest wanes…

(For the record, there are 6 digits in my Technorati rank.)

Or, maybe people quit blogging because they start doing tantric sex.