In a stunning and riveting conclusion (cough cough) to the three month roller coaster ride, the announcement was finally made. (Yes, that is sarcasm you hear.) Today we were told, "You all have jobs…and there will be no salary cuts…". So, it's officially over.

It helps that 6 people quit during this three month "stand in place and twiddle thumbs" period. So, in the end no one needed to be let go because enough people had already left. But, for those that stayed (or were unable to find different/better employment), the relief has come and the waiting is over.

There is laughing and joking going on nearby, even as I type this. I'm glad for them. They have been through a tough time. Some of them had no other options.

For me, I'm the point person. I'm the person entrusted to handle the difficult situations. Which means nothing changed for me. I was the last person called into the room for the 1 to 1 face to face. I was the last person given the news.  And, I was told exactly what I expected to hear.  Three months and nothing (really) changed.  Such is the way with clients and big companies…

I learned a lot about how these things are handled.  And, I have learned a lot about the current state of the job-seeker/hiring process.  Look for a post on my thoughts there to come soon.

And, yesterday a recruiter called me about a position…I told him "giddy-up!