With a nod to Dr. Pepper for the post title…ya know ya can't live in Texas and not luv Dr. Pepper…

Admittedly, I'm spending way too much time at Flickr. But, the time spent is worthwhile, I think. It is even a little fun actually. I have found many many interesting pictures and made a connection with some talented fotoartists. I have found my own (albeit meager) talent. And, it has caused me to learn how to better use the camera. All in, time well spent. My talent has even gotten some attention and notoriety. (Getting 25 faves on a pic is big for me…)

The use of Flickr started because I needed a new site for friends and long distance family to be able to see our pics. The old family foto hosting site was bandwith constricted…and I wasn't about to spend money on increasing my account storage when there were perfectly good free services out there…like Flickr. My Sis had been using the Yahoo foto hosting site, but had made the switch to Flickr. So, as with all healthy sibling rivalries, I copied her. Initially, I saw Flickr for just that – a free foto hosting site. And, for the first couple of months I merely uploaded the pics I thought were good enough for family/friend consumption. Then, back about two months ago, something changed. My pics started getting noticed by people. I got invited to join a couple of groups. And, a similar phenomenon was occurring with WriterMother's PumpkinShell pics. The Flickr Community was accepting us and pulling us in. And, long story short, we've both accepted that "invitation"…

There's a great site I read daily called "HorsePigCow". It's written by the Marketing Director of another (new) foto site, Riya, who goes by the name Miss Rogue. (At some point I intend to try out the Riya service.) HorsePigCow is a great read and I have learned a lot from Miss Rogue. Her thoughts on Marketing and the future are very insightful. Expect to see more references here to things said over there at that site (like Pinko Marketing) in the near future.

But, back to Flickr and fotos, Miss Rogue recently posted a Top Ten Flavors of Foto Search list. It's a very interesting list. It could prolly be used to identify the various users of most of the web 2.0/social software services. Here are the names…go over to HorsePigCow to read the full descriptions…

Flavor #1 – The Explorer

Flavor #2 – The Aficionado

Flavor #3 – The Social Butterfly

Flavor #4 – The Researcher

Flavor #5 – The Cultural Anthropologist

Flavor #6 – The Personal

Flavor #7 – The Designer

Flavor #8 – Newshound

Flavor #9 – The Lurker

Flavor #10 – The Perv

Since reading Miss Rogue's post, I have tried to figure out which category best describes me. Admittedly, I'm prolly a combination of two or three…maybe The Aficionado is the closest or best. (Despite the Jamoker wit and style, The Perv is not it…although I know it's what you assumed!) But, also, I have been thinking that there are a couple of more categories that could be added. Back to my original reason for using Flickr, there could certainly be a category for people wanting to simply show off their kids to their family. It's more defined/specific than Personal. For lack of a better name, call it The Family.

Also, as with any group of people, I think there are those that want to be large and in charge. Call this type The Leader. I think they want to have lots of pics viewed and faved. They want to be the biggest poster to the various groups. They want to be famous. The Leader knows that to get the attention in the new social software/service universe, they have to dole out the attention and link love too. But, he/she does only the bare minimum of that to get by. The Leader may be a good fotographer and prolly appreciate the art of others, but his/her desire is more narcissistic.

Last, speaking of narcissists, I think there are those that merely like to post/search pics of themselves. Call this type The Showoff. They are less in it for the art or to make friends and more in it just to be the Class Clown or Troublemaker.

All in, the educational/anthropological/sociological/psychological experience gained from joining the Flickr community is great. And, since a picture is better than a thousand words of me trying to explain it or promote it, go join Flickr yourself and see.

P.S. – For my friends using Blogger who experience lots of foto upload/hosting problems, I strongly suggest getting a Flickr account. You can instead host all of your blog site posting fotos there and never have upload problems. (WriterMom, Zilla, AlphaRat & CameraDawktor are just a few already doing this, I know.) Just a suggestion…