From JustACoolCat I learned about "Cheese Sandwich Blogs". It's supposed to be a derogatory term for those that only write about their daily (boring) lives. Derogatory or not, I agree with the CoolCat where he says…

Writing about what is happening in my world helps me examine my life and you know what they say. The unexamined life is unsure if it has a healthy prostate, or something like that.

Then, from AdPulp, I learned about four other distinct types of blogs. They are the Political, the Music, the Gossip and the Mom blogs. (Chuckle Chuckle…having a little fun with the links…)

Having read a lot of blogs, I'd say I agree with those categories…for the most part. But, I don't believe that the list of five is exclusive. Disregarding the blogazine sites…with their professional writers/content they are basically online versions of magazines…I believe there are most certainly a few more varieties for the list. The fotoblog, the vblog, the anonymous work stories blog, the novelist/poet blog and finally the tech blog are all very common in the blogosphere too. Scan the blogroll to the right to see examples of each.

And, then there's the combination blog (a little bit beef stew…a little bit Mutt). A combination of all the blog types and categories, the combo blog includes posts and topics on anything/everything. The writer of the combo blog has multiple and varied interests, opinions, attitudes. He/she is involved in many things. She/he actively seeks out experiences and then discusses them on the blog. The combo blogger prolly has ADD and is a little bit narcissistic.

Categories, in the interest of science, are appropriate. Without knowing Genus/Phylum/Family, I'd truly be confused about who my relatives were! But, categories can be confining too. No one likes to be pigeonholed.

Besides, as much as I like Colby-Jack, I don't eat it at every meal…