One Hour Foto, originally uploaded by The Jamoker.

I haven't printed a foto to paper in at least four years. There's been no need. A digital camera and the practice of hosting the fotos on the internet have eliminated that requirement. Sure, I have family members that would prolly like to put a foto in a frame. And, the framed pics on my desk at work are sorely out of date. But, if asked for current pics of the kids, I just point people to the web. It isn't traditional. And, saving any of these digital gems for future generations is a big concern. But, for now, Flickr is the way to go. (And, Flickr offers a foto printing service, although I haven't used it.) I do miss the darkroom experience a little, though. And, I miss looking at the newly developed roll of film to see if I had any good shots. But, I never took shots this good either…

Who said progress is bad?

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