In the song by Don Henley, "Boys of Summer", there's a line about seeing a DeadHead sticker on a Cadillac. For years I didn't understand the meaning of the line. I would sing along, but I didn't try to find out what the lyric truly meant. I didn't know it was meant as an incongruous visual…signifying that someone had either sold out or was trying to be something they weren't. Now I understand, at least for the purpose of the song, fans of the Grateful Dead shouldn't be driving Cadillacs.

In truth, though, many many fans of the Grateful Dead prolly do drive Cadillacs. Thirty years after the Dead hit the scene, their boomer aged fans are running companies and nearing retirement. They have money. So, it shouldn't be surprising to see DeadHeads driving any kind of luxury vehicle…Cadillac, Lexus, Infiniti, BMW.

Heck, Led Zeppelin music was used in Cadillac commercials up until recently. McCartney has sold his stuff to Lexus (and Fidelity). Buick used Aerosmith. And, there are several more examples…just not from the Dead, unless I've missed something.

Counter cultural-ism as an institution prolly gets blown out of proportion, especially when considering what happened during the sixties. I have a feeling most of the people attending the rallies and protests, burning their draft cards and their bras, or experimenting with mind altering substances were really only doing it to get laid.

So, twenty years from now, will the fans of the alternative or grunge or punk or metal music of the 90s be driving luxury cars? I guarantee it.