I have been busy. As such, my mental pursuits have suffered.

This last week has been tough.

The new organizational structure at the office is getting sorted out. But, the loss of people during the transition has left me with almost too much to do. By the end of each day, I'm beat. There's nothing left in the tank, so to speak. And, the interview/hiring process to fill the vacancies has yet to get started. (Leave it to the client to use this opportunity to "test" the system. Their expectations are even higher than before.) By June, I think we'll be fine. Between now and then, though…uggghhhh…

Despite being busy, I have taken lots of pics. But I haven't really felt they were worthy. It's because my standards are higher now. I want to take better pics. I want to share better pics with the community. But, work is getting in the way. Also, I want to explore new and different subjects. Taking pictures of flowers and buildings is great. But, it's not enough. I have tried new techniques with lighting and perspective. I have even read the manual for the camera (which is HUGE for me). But, in a way, I want to keep stretching the boundaries of a) what my "eye" sees and b) what is considered high quality.

Also, there's more to come in "The Agency" narrative. But, I have a very specific tone and style for that series I'd like to keep…which means I spend too much time futzing over every word. If only I could do stream of consciousness… So, it's on the back burner for now. Every day's commute does offer wonderful examples of Jamokes about which I can write. Yet again, it takes time to be caustic and irreverent when talking about others.

There are two good, but quick recent examples I can share though. There was a person in a Prius doing forty in the left hand lane the other day. It was classic. I saw more aggressive and dangerous driving in five minutes than I had seen in all of a month. Yes, they're getting great gas mileage. But, that person never considered all of the negative energy that would be directed at them. I'm not sure the karma of the car offers enough balance in that circumstance. And there was a person doing makeup with the visor down who rear ended the car in front during what was bumper to bumper traffic. I'd love to be the insurance adjuster that gets that "distress" call. "You say they just stopped short and you were unable to stop in time? Wow! That's too bad. How close were you to the other car and were you actually watching the road?" My guess is that person will not be telling the whole truth.

But I digress…

I'm also busy because I've been getting the house ready to sell. With the "job uncertainty" behind us, we've again started the process. It's time for a new place. We need a better neighborhood. I'm tired of the jamoke neighbor and his unwillingness to keep his house looking presentable. And, I don't like knowing he's got a little ganja enterprise growing in his backyard. Does that make me a prude? Maybe a little. But, it's representative of the state of the neighborhood. I'm tired of the other neighbor doing yard sales every Saturday…and trying to sign me up for his pyramid scheme. If I wanted to get rich quick I sure wouldn't believe a pitch from a guy who lives next door. I know what he drives. I know what he paid for his house. He's not rich. So, what he's selling ain't workin'. And so, it's time to move.

The kids are good though. Soccer is over. But, swim lessons start soon. LilOne#2 is out of the crib finally. LilOne#1 is quickly figuring out how to read. The summer should be fun. But, it'll be busy…