5 soccer dads standing around talking. Each has a career in a different field.

None really like what they do…all have commented they are looking for something else.

One dad says, "the problem is we weren't raised correctly…by society. We were raised to want things. We were told we had to work hard to get them. We were told we'd be happy with our lives as a result. Instead, we should have been told to figure out what we wanted to do, who we wanted to be. That would have been better. Then, we would have found jobs and careers that would have provided meaning. Instead we seek meaning in material possessions."

All of the other dads agreed…

And, he is exactly right.

Yes, it sounds new agey. Yes, the knock against material possessions is standard fare. We've all heard it before. Americans are all wrapped up in a puritan work ethic and a need for instantaneous and gratuitous reward. Americans gotta have their stuff.

But, none of those five soccer dads is going to chuck the career and start a business making soap the old fashioned way…or something like it equally as fulfilling. None want to be seen as providing for their families a) any less than the prior generation and b) any less than their peers/neighbors/friends. None want to give in to what they know is right road. And, none will ever ultimately be happy as a result.

Anyone for another beer?