Today I rode my bike.

In two hours I covered 26 miles…thus averaging about 13 mph.  It was 95 degrees and there was a 25 mph south wind. (I mention the temp and the wind merely for effect…I happen to be used to it.)  Now, I'm tired.

You might be shaking your head because of the temperature…or the distance…or the speed…and saying to yourself either, "so what" or "OMG".  If so, it's ok.  I said both things myself too.

Two and a half years ago I hung up the bike.  The story behind that will have to wait for another day.  But, at that time I was in peak form.  I was slim and trim and super fast on a bike.  Now, I'm plump.  I'm thirty pounds heavier.  I'm having to untuck my shirts to cover the spare tire.  I'm unable to walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded.  I've been busy doing other things obviously.

Here's how the stats above would compare to two and a half years ago.  Covering similar terain to what I saw today…and seeing similar wind and temp conditions…I would have covered 40 miles in the two hours.  And, I wouldn't have needed to take a nap immediately after getting home.  So, 13 mph average versus a 20 mph average…that means I'm at 65%.  And considering the 30 pounds of extra mass, I'm very glad the figure isn't worse. 

Today is only the first step…on what will be a long journey.  And, while I recognize I might not regain my 'superfast' ability, I do know that I need to be in better shape.

Maybe I'll even work myself up to doing the commute to work on the bike…