And the Bloggy Award goes to…

I've rehearsed this speech so many times, I don't need cue cards.

Thank You. Thank you. I'm so honored.

I want to thank God and Allah and Jehovah and Buddha and Jesus and, last but not least, Odin for giving me the talent and the opportunity. Certainly I need to thank my parents and family for providing that warm coccoon of insulation and support during my early years. I want to thank my wife and kids for allowing me the hours upon hours to sit in that dark room back home just type type typing away. Without their patience, I'd undoubtedly not be standing here before you tonight.

I especially want to thank the Bloggy Award Academy. Thanks for the kind words…

The Jamoker

A very artistic and entertaining blog, this definitely deserves recognition and is in a class all its own. The writer is not only very creative; he is also able to inject humor in his blog without resorting to cheap language or profanities. This is an excellent blog.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

The first thing you notice when you open the blog is its clean yet artistic layout. Using a white background, the page is made visually stimulating by the inclusion of highly colorful, attractive pictures. Neatly written copy situated at the center of the page is the predominant element however.

User Friendliness – 8

The blog is neat, navigable and friendly. It has mytube video elements that are readily accessible and highly entertaining.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

The posts are the author’s personal thoughts on a variety of subjects written in a highly entertaining manner. The language used is appropriate with no errors in grammar and spelling. The author is able to inject humor without sounding hostile or profane.

Useful Info – 7

Links are not prevalent perhaps because the posts mainly talk about the author’s views on things.

Overall Experience – 8

This is a very artistically crafted blog that is highly entertaining as it is informative. It is very well written and merits being bookmarked and visited regularly.

I might draw exception to the "useful info" notation. "Useful" is subjective and relative. But, I'll take the rest of the scores.

And, I'm glad for the recognition…

(cue the music and go to commercial)