I know I have seen this question asked before, but I don't recall if I have ever seen a credible answer.

If Goofy is a dog, then what is Pluto?

How can Pluto be a pet to Goofy? Can a dog have a dog? Why does Goofy, who is so obviously an idiot, get to wear clothes and have a pet?

Speaking of wearing clothes, why doesn't Porky wear any pants???!!!???

He wears a jacket and a bowtie, but no shoes or pants. This seems odd to me. Daffy and Bugs Bunny, on the other hand, are much more intelligent than Porky….yet they wear no clothes at all. Does this imply that a pig is higher up the evolutionary scale than a duck and a rabbit?

Speaking of evolution, what about convergence? Two ducks, both annoying (Donald doesn't wear pants either by the way), living in seperate cartoon universes. Is this a case of Convergent Evolution?