I've gone on record with this claim many times. No one ever believes me. Usually I get a chuckle and a rolling of the eyes.

But, it comes down to TV ratings. It comes down to arenas filled with people, for as many games as possible. It comes down to "drama". It comes down to money.

The league and the teams want each series to go the full amount of games. And, the players and coaches and referees are surely 'in on the scam'. A series that doesn't go the full complement of games means money is wasted.

That's where I stopped when writing this yesterday…I was tired…I didn't feel like expounding.

Obviously with Detroit losing, there are those who will say my theory is bunk.

But, with the Western Conference series…

Dallas wins game with Dirk scoring 50 points. Game six?

So far…I rest my case…

UPDATE – So, the Mavericks won.  Doesn't change my opinion…conspiracies are everywhere.