Because The Cool Cat asked…

10) Because nearly every house on the street has become a rental unit…not that there's anything wrong with that.
9) Because each neighbor has at least four automobiles, giving the street the look of a parking lot.
8) Because I need more room for all the junk accumulated in the past ten years
7) Because the FBI will soon be showing up to serve arrest warrants for all of the downloaded music and movies
6) Because I hate that goddamn traffic light around the corner…the one I get stopped by every day on my way to work…the one that has one direction on a :10 cycle, while the other direction gets 10:00
5) Because taxes went up, while market value did not.
4) Because I need to be closer to the pizza place
3) Because after going through the recent job uncertainty, it seemed like a good idea to keep the stress level as high as possible
2) Because I want to have my own bedroom again
1) Because I'm tired of that long haired motorcycle riding F250 driving cliff claven know it all canadian dork of a neighbor draining his mosquito larvaed pool in MY backyard…