10) Filling out the "Sellers Disclosure" has me a little nervous.  The foundation repairs made by the previous owner could deter a potential buyer, yet fibbing is a No No.  The damn termites that were NOT disclosed by the previous owner could also be a deterrent.  We got rid of them and the infestation was VERY minor.  But, still…

9) There are lots of new houses being built.  It'll have to be a special kind of buyer to want our place.

8) Do we truly "need" a larger place?

7) This one was our first.  There's a special attachment to it.

6) Paperwork paperwork paperwork.  How many times am I going to have to sign my name?  

5) We actually like the neighbors across the street.

4) We have put a lot of blood sweat and tears into this house.  

3) Packing and moving will be a lot of work.

2) A house is a house is a house, right?

1) I can't remember where in the back yard I buried the large bag of civil war gold coins.