They accepted our offer… 

Now what?

I have always been able to make decisions quickly.  No wishy washy vacillation here.  Maybe it’s a blessing.  Maybe it’s a curse.  Think of me as living “The Blink” life.  Sure, sometimes a quick decision can be a wrong one.  It’s the old Ben Franklin ‘haste makes waste’ argument.  Or, it’s the Thomas Jefferson “delay is preferrable to error” wise-ism.  Either way, we’re taught to be “slow and steady, if we want to win the race”.

But, who am I to argue with my genetic disposition.  I happen to think I’m programmed to think/act fast.  And, it’s an ability that has almost never failed me.

Hopefully this time ain’t one of those failure times…

And, thankfully, the BetterHalf continues to go along with it.