I watched the Italy/US World Cup soccer match twice (watched it the 2nd time with BetterHalf when she got home from work). Seeing it the second time did NOT diminish my surprise. And, even 2 days later, I am still amazed at what I saw.

I should note, I'm not a huge soccer expert. I played one season when I was ten years old. I watched a few of the World Cup games in '94. And, I have a daughter that plays in a 3/4 YMCA league. Outside of those facts, I know little about the game. (Lack of qualifications hasn't stopped me from spouting gibberish before, though…)

In addition to the US/Italy game, I have watched three or four other games this year. I saw Brazil beat the Aussies. I watched Ghana win. I watched the Japanese lose. There might have been one more, I can't remember though…
What I saw that amazed me was limited to the US/Italy game. And, while a lot has been already written about how great the US played in that 2nd game…how the US was tough down the stretch with only 9 players…how atrocious the official was…how the US still has a chance to advance to the next round…none of those things amazed me.

Rather, I was struck by the sheer ridiculousness of the Italian players. They are the biggest bleeping fakers I have ever watched play any game, let alone soccer/futbol. They should be ashamed of themselves.

They fell down every time they were touched. They cried every time they lost the ball. They claimed injury, only to be miraculously cured by something from a spray can. They seemed more interested in Posing.

It was pathetic.

Now, I have nothing against the Italians. Some of my favorite movies have "Italian" themes. I'm sure they are talented ball strikers. I just find it dreadful that their style of play is so 'sensitive'.

There was a stat during the game about fouls called against the two teams. It was 3 to 1 in favor of the Italians. And, sure, the stoopid official was responsible for most of that. But still, every one of those 'so called fouls' had an Italian player raising his hands and throwing a plaintive look to the camera/official/coach/stands.

They award Oscars for worse acting.

I hope the sport is not about whining. I hope the Italians don't continue to 'perform' this way. I hope this isn't the "World" represented by the World Cup.