So, we countered.  They accepted.  It was easy as pie.

And people said this process was difficult…whahuh???

Seriously, we know we’re lucky.  Yes, the house was in good shape, we had an aggressive agent, and we had set our expectation for worse (and thus were pleasantly surprised, instead of the other way around)…but, still, this was pretty easy.

It’s not over.  The inspection could discover “surprises”.  The banks might choose to be difficult.  The other shoe could always fall…But, at least it’s been easy thus far.

But wait, there’s more…

The job search is in full swing again.  Three opportunities popped onto my ‘radar’ this week.  Three great opportunities.  None with automotive.  None requiring a move…(which is good since we just bought a house, right?)…but all requiring that I ‘nail’ the interviews.  So far this week, I have had five conversations with recruiting directors and/or hiring managers.  And, I have two more to go…

Somebody check my chart.  Mercury must be charging full steam ahead!!!