Back From Vacation, originally uploaded by The Jamoker.

We’re back…

It was a great week. The LilOnes had a swell time. They swam and played and swam and played until they were exhausted every day. Between my sister and I, I think we took about 2500 pictures total of all the fun and frivolity. This one above of a Lilly was so nice I had to get it posted to Flickr right away. The Lillies were EVERYWHERE in Michigan during our stay. I was glad to get a few shots of this particular interesting variety. And, as CameraDawktor suggested, it will prolly be a race between WriterMother and I to see who can get all the shots posted first.

We met Zilla in person, which was cool. Yes, folks, meeting an INTERNET FRIEND can be dangerous. Always be sure to carry a weapon and choose a public location. Too, be sure to have the entire extended family nearby for support…it’ll be MUCH less awkward that way. It is dangerous to meet an INTERNET FRIEND because of the pedophilia, beastiality and necrophilia (now that should get me some interesting blog traffic) types that are always lurking on the internet AND anxious to arrange in-person meetings. And, be sure to remember that people on the internet use Pseudonyms.

Seriously, all sarcasm aside, meeting Zilla and two of her LilOnes in person WAS very cool. She gives me WAY too much credit in her description of th event, but it was neat. We didn’t get to talk as much as I would have liked…and we were hussled off by the officious “to ensure the schedule was met”…or else it would have been just right (for a meeting with an INTERNET FRIEND). Know too that most of the above description is CODE. The ‘key’ will prolly be revealed here.

I was annoyed that the fakers won the World Cup. And, tennis is boring for me right now. Federer-er-er-er-er-er-er vs. Nadal just doesn’t do it for me. The Tour is on and I have caught bits of it. Admittedly, without Lance I’m not as interested. Too, the doping scandal (again) that got a few of the big names booted bothers me. But, there are some great cyclists ready to assume the mantle of greatness in the void left by Lance and the next two weeks should be interesting.

For those still with me here, I have returned the ‘Monthly Archive’ and the ‘Categories’ along the right side…per popular request.

Hope everyone had a Nice 4th of July holiday…