Well, last week I was sitting flush with three leads for new jobs. All were local. All were worth pursuing. On Tuesday the 5th I got a call from the Hiring Manager of one of those jobs. He wanted me to fly to Florida for an interview on Thursday the 7th. He apologized for the short notice, but was extremely hopeful I could make the trip. I told him I was with my family on vacation in Michigan and would not be able to make the trip. He assured me there would be additional interviews and that I would still be included in the process.

Monday I got a voicemail from the Hiring Manager telling me that a candidate who had in fact made the trip was hired for the position. My information would be kept in a file for future opportunities.

How ’bout that shit?  The only future opportunity I’m interested in pursuing with those jamokes is sticking my file in their collective arses. They can consider themselves off my list.

Imagine the hubris…”let’s have all the candidates fly here three days after a national holiday…only the interested ones will make the trip…and, from that, we’ll know exactly who is desperate for a job and willing to work for peanuts…who’s with me? sound like a good plan? ok then…”

f-in jamokes…

Then, yesterday, job number two fell by the wayside. They had decided to promote from within or hire somebody’s friend or bring in someone at a cheaper salary or some such deal. It was the typical brush-off. “Thanks, but we’ve decided to do something different. Thanks for the interest. We’ll keep you in our file and let you know if anything for which you’d be qualified comes available.”

Sure, I’ll sit right here holding my breath waiting. Do you have my right fone number?

Actually, the loss of the first job didn’t matter much. While it was worth pursuing, It wasn’t a dream situation. The second one, however, is a dream situation.

So, one job remains…

And, it is also a dream situation.

It would mean leaving agency life. I would become “the client”…which is the dream of everyone in advertising (give orders instead of take orders). It’s with a company doing very well. But, I’ve gotten excited about the good opportunities before, only to end up short of the finish line. The temptation to get excited about this (or any) opportunity is very strong. I am forcing myself to stay cool, calm and collected.

So, I’m “Truckin”. “I’ve got my chips cashed in.” I’m not (too) upset about the loss of the first two. If the third is “meant to be”…then so be it…