“One down one to go
Another town and one more show…”

From the band, Yes, their 90210 album song entitled “Leave It”…

The house is sold. The stress is (mostly) over. The buyers walked through last night and were pleased with the *minor* repairs. Tile is done. GFCI plugs are installed. Smoke Detectors (five of them) were installed. They are nice folk. I think they will enjoy the house. Today, I signed the papers. It’s now theirs.

We have five days to vacate. Final Packing and the Moving starts Sunday. BetterHalf and the LilOnes return Sunday.

And, for Zilla, here are some pics of the work we did…hosted at Zooomr

If the career falls apart, I guess I can start a business flipping houses…that tile stuff was pretty easy!!