Back in hi skool, I contemplated getting a Greenpeace membership. It was a thought (and not a brief flight of fancy) surely rooted in some kind of youthful attempt to express my own identity and distinguish myself from the crowd. For a couple of weeks during my sophomore year, I’d put the Greenpeace contact info up on the blackboard of each of my skool classrooms. The teachers and the other students tolerated this activity, but most certainly ignored it. I felt better for doing it though…even if it didn’t accomplish anything. ‘Save The Whales’ indeed.

I read something a couple of years ago that talked about how Greenpeace had lost its way in the 90s. Maybe it was in National Geographic or Wired…but, it discussed the growing pains and internal wrangling that nearly destroyed their cause. Plus, with the rise of organizations like the ELF and eco-terrorism, Greenpeace became lumped in with more extreme causes. They don’t get the press they used to get, it seems. Maybe they have lost their way…

Anyway…this is all just set-up and segue for me to be able to a) explain my interest in Greenpeace and b) provide a reason for pointing your attention to this LINK.  Turn up your sound and go check it out. It is a Greenpeace spot from the UK. I like the message of the spot. It has a certain ‘jamoker’ quality to it. It gets the point across.

P.S. – Yesterday an employee of my automaker client drove his Hummer exactly two blocks when going to lunch. I wish I could put a ‘sign’ on his back.