I don’t presume to think I am the first or only person to make the ‘witty’ connection I have included in the title of this post…but, it certainly fits the situation. As a fan of the Beatles…and sharing Sir Paul’s birthday…I try to pay as much attention as possible to press info on the Fab Four.

And, this from yesterday’s Sun (UK) is just amazing…

Lady Mucca’s war of lies

Showbiz Editor

THE McCARTNEY divorce is going to be the most bitter high-profile split since Charles and Diana’s ten years ago.Heather Mills, dubbed Lady Mucca after The Sun exposed her porno past, has hired the same lawyers used by the late Princess as she battles Macca for his millions.

Although she once claimed she had no interest in the former Beatle’s £800million fortune, ex-hooker Heather went to see top divorce firm Mishcon de Reya this week.

The Monday meeting she had with SIX of their top legal eagles went on for FIVE HOURS.

A source close to the 38-year-old ex-model said: “They wanted to go through every minute detail about the marriage and forthcoming divorce.

“Heather now has a month to get her defence in before the divorce takes place.”

She has ordered the London-based legal team to fight Sir Paul for an incredible £200million.
here’s the link to the full article

4 years of marriage and the requested settlement amount will be 1/4th of his net worth??? Are you kidding me? The “most successful composer in popular music history“…a person who has spent a lifetime in the public eye…and he has to defend himself against a person who has only recently (by comparison) achieved any fame? Obviously she doesn’t still love him, now that he’s 64.

This actually reminds me of a brief story. I was in Vegas several years ago attending a meeting with dealer clients . Several of the dealers decided to go out for some strip club fun. I used ‘work’ as an excuse and declined the invite. And, my main dealer client also declined. When I asked him why, he said it “would be the most expensive piece of a$$ ever” and he “didn’t want to end up divorced.”

It was logic I could understand.

The logic justifying £200million does not make sense to me…

It will be interesting (and a little sad) to watch this play out.  I expect the Brits will continue to support Sir Paul and it’ll end in an ‘undisclosed settlement’.