For those that don’t know, “Who Moved My Cheese?” is a fairly popular book about how to deal with change in your life. Someone gave a copy to me a couple of years ago.

I think I skimmed it.

I noticed the book while moving (appropriately enough) and have thought about its premise a couple of times in the past couple of days. Maybe I should go back and really read it…

Dealing with change is tough. And, obviously, moving is a huge change. On the list of stressful things in a person’s life, it is said that moving is right up there with changing jobs and getting married/divorced. A death and/or birth in the family is obviously more stressful than moving. And, fortunately, I haven’t had to deal with that recently. But, moving is still up there pretty high on that list. Regardless, a book to help deal with change obviously fills a need and fits a niche.

Dealing with the stress of the move has been up and down. I’m a do-er. I want to get things done. I HAVE to get things done. I can’t sit and let something go undone. Most things end up being a race as a result. Crossing the finish line first is my number one priority. Call me ‘Type A’. So, as long as forward progress was noticeable, the stress was low…even when others would see a particular situation as stressful. Conversely, when no forward progress was occurring, my stress level sky-rocketed. Yes. It does seem bass-ackwards. But, that is me. Give me a job, I get it done…my way…quickly…and, I win the race…

But, in general, the mere “state” or ‘thing’ of moving was not the stressful part. Considering the money involved…the number of people involved…the ramifications of everything…the move was EASY. In fact, it was cool. It went perfectly. Driving the UHaul truck around town was exciting. Arranging furniture and deciding where the dishes will go in the new place has and will be nothing big. Even figuring out some of the idiosyncracies (different keys for every door and lock??) of the new place has been fun. And, manually carrying two trucks worth of clutter and junk is barely remembered by this point.

No, moving was not stressful.

So, then, who moved my cheese?

You ask, what then is the problem?

It is stressful. It isn’t stressful. Which is it?

Therein lies the problem. I’m fried. I can’t think straight. I can’t self-analyze. I’m still exhausted. I haven’t decompressed. I may not be stressed. But, I am wiped out.

Still…five days later…Wiped.

And, surely, part of that exhaustion is stress-related.

It is hindering my creativity.

I have been listening to the same songs over and over. I haven’t touched my camera in close to two weeks, because I have no vision for capturing visuals at present. I can’t even force myself to take bad pics. And, you have seen the best I can manage with this blog. Posting a music video and making fun of Sir Paul’s soon to be ex-wife. Pretty meager stuff, eh?

And, in addition to the ‘creative cupboard’ being bare, I am annoyed that I haven’t bounced back quickly from all of this. Maybe my age is catching up to me. Maybe I’m wiped mentally because I’m wiped physically because I’m wiped mentally and on and on.

But, remembering what I said here about taking on challenges in order to force personal growth, maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe I will find my cheese.