Yes. Folks. It is certainly hard to believe, but The Jamoker has been at it for a year.

A year ago I finally stopped procrastinating…

(always loved that word…you got your PRO…you got your CRAS…you got some TI…and then it ends with NATING…very nearly a perfect word…for those that are into hidden meanings, that word is just chock full of ’em…NATING is a PRO at being CRAS…or something like that.)

Anyway, a year ago I stopped procrastinating and finally started publishing my thoughts. True, few of the thoughts are really all that original, witty, or revelatory…

(and nevermind a pulitzer)

Most of the writings are juvenile, irreverent and stoopid. But, the victory lies in the effort. The means justify the ends, so to speak. So, after thinking about it for six months…and playing GTA-SA for two of those months…I finally did it. Jamoker was born. And, the genesis of “the name”…

“Jamoke” was taken. So, I added an “R” to the end of the word. Pretty deep, eh?

I have always used Jamoke as a derogatory adjective when describing nameless idiots. I have not used it in the context associated with coffee. But, here is an “official” definition if you want.

Self deprecation has always been my style. I’ll make fun of someone and call them a jamoke…but, often then I’m calling myself that too. So, I guess I’m inventing a new usage…I’m a Jamoker.

Since then, I have been as disciplined as possible. I have posted

(or thought about posting)

every day. Lately…obviously…the postings have come more sporadically. And, the explanation for that fact involves multiple things. Suffice it to say that the obstacles will fade away soon.

I look forward to continuing this exercise in mental stretching. I look forward to doing it for another year.

So, to my hundreds of (total) visitors…to those that have been there from the beginning…thanks for continuing to stop by. I appreciate you more than you know!
(although, some of you need to comment more)

Thanks for listening. Thanks for being a blog friend. Thanks for forcing me to force myself to be more articulate…even if it is just regurgitated nonsense!!

Now, where’s my g-d cake??!!??