External Job Title Marketing Manager
AutoReqId 8446BR
Function Marketing
Type of Job Full Time
Country United States
External Job Description

The Marketing Manager will deliver top quality programs that support high volume sales of BLANK brands for their market. This will be executed by assisting with input on national programs, creating local overlays and leading cluster planning process. Ensure the sales team is educated on consumer targets and brand strategy. Marketing Manager will conduct post program evaluation. The Manager will collaborate with Sales and Finance teams to ensure all goals for market are being met throughout the year. Key customers include Market Managers, Distributor/Broker teams, Marketing Director, GM.Financial Responsibility This position is responsible for input regarding DAPB and LMF funds (excluding local tactical) together with the other marketing managers. Likewise he/she will be responsible in part for the planning of the same budget.Decision Making
Recommend to Market Managers how gaps in CSM marketing plans will be reconciled and solicit ideas from them to maximize program impact at retail. Balance how much to spend on each brand and each type of spend (display material, VAP, consumer offers etc.). Provide feedback into Stamford at the time of concept review.A&P Allocation:
Ensure that our investments are consistent with brand strategy, cluster objectives and commercial needs. Rely on analysis, program evaluations, sales input, distributor input, and CSM input to make such decisions. Decisions will be complicated by natural tension between delivering short-term results and building a long-term consumer franchise. Decisions on appropriate allocation will directly impact our ability to deliver any results and continue to increase the appeal of our brands to target consumers1. Input on national programs: Provide CSM fact-based, commercially grounded feedback to help shape the quality and executability of national programs. Execute tools being provided fulfill consumer’s needs. Ensure program is executable (legal, practical, timely, etc.). Ensure channel specific elements are executable. Ensure that feedback to CSM reflects feedback of sales and distributor team through half-year planning sessions and concept reviews. The Commerical Marketing Director should be included in all communications to CSM.

2. Creation of local overlays: Create overlays to national programs to further enable the program to have maximum impact within the Cluster. Create channel elements to amplify the effectiveness of the program. Work with trade partners and the sales team to design custom tools

3. Channel half-year plans: Select the national programs that best meet the needs of the cluster and channel. Compare timing of each brand’s programs to key selling periods for the brand and past programming. Add the overlays to satisfy unmet needs, fill programming gaps, and/or increase the selling power of a CSM-created program. Consolidate all programs into one presentation, calendarize, and set program objectives. Be available for presentations to the distributor.

4. Mgt of A&P Spend: Assist with management of the LMF budgets (excluding local tactical) together with the other marketing managers.

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