I see these bumper stickers all the time…

…and, when I do, I always ask myself

“Fine. But what is THE QUESTION?”

Having an ‘answer’ is all well and good. But, it is meaningless without ALSO knowing what the question is/was. An answer without a question is like having a destination, but no reason for going there. It’s like being hungry, but not having an understanding of food. It’s like saying ‘I Am Here’, but not having a clue where ‘Here’ is.

Ergo, it is silly.

So, I usually make up questions…imagining what the drivers of those cars might be asking themselves. As an example, ‘Jesus is the Answer’ might be used with the following questions…

– why am I driving this P.O.S. car?

– why am I stuck in traffic?

– why do I drink too much beer?

– why haven’t I won the lottery yet?

– why do my kids hate me?

– why do I have dandruff?

– why do practitioners of ‘The Religion Of Peace‘ hate Westerners?

– why is porn so addictive?

But, obviously, asking the question correctly is very important.

Anyone care to help define a little better what ‘the question’ could be?