Not to make light of the whole terr0rist and airport security thing, but it is getting pretty ridiculous.

Toothpaste? Water? Gel? What’s next? No luggage at all??

15 minutes in line before even getting to show ID…10 minutes more before being able to start disrobing…having 5 different people scan the ID and plane ticket…watching ‘supposedly’ random people pulled out for ‘wanding’…then stepping through the cancer causing (doesn’t everything else with intense radio waves cause cancer?) XRay machines…getting the ‘twice-over’ from T$A folks, while wondering how much attention they can truly pay to every person they see…before finally getting to put it all back together and then getting to run to the gate.


They do realize that the human body is something like 90% water right? Every person going through security is carrying something from the ‘banned list’. BTW – never-mind the P.O.S. susceptible to spontaneous combustion Dell laptop I happen to be carrying.


I say we just fly naked.

Sure. Sure. There will be those that will object.

(And, frankly, I’d have trouble putting my bare posterior in an airplane seat where some other person was also recently sitting while bare. )

But, most of those that object probably wouldn’t want to be seen naked anyway. And, if they object, maybe there will be less people travelling. Ergo, there will be shorter lines through security…

It’s a win-win.

Also, the whole naked thing would diminish and discourage people from doing the most recent annoying activity I have seen. Seriously…if naked, people would be more sensitive to their own psycho behavior. Maybe…

Lately I have seen several women, who happen to be dressed to the nines, negotiate the airport security situation. Yes, they are usually in front of me in the line and I am annoyed at their jamoke-ness. But, I don’t feel as if my argument is any less valid. These ladies have arrived at the airport dressed in their finest…and they intend to travel as such. Their outfits include an extensive and superfluous amount of accessories and accoutrement. They have the blingly and the dangly and the jingly and the jangly. It is all very flashy. They obviously have the love of someone very well-to-do. Everyone that sees them surely is envious (cough).

They can’t go through security while dressed that way, however.

So, they have to remove every bauble, every bracelet, every band. They have to make a scene. They have to hold up the line. They waste everyone’s time.

What Jamoke doesn’t know about the present state of airport security in the world? What Jamoke thinks it is OK to put on ten pounds of metal and think they will NOT then have to remove it for security? What Jamoke doesn’t care about the scene created?

So, I say, let’s just get naked…

At least the ‘scenes created’ will be more interesting.