I’ve pretty much had it.

The use of a PC in this household will soon be ended.

And, while the current Apple TV commercials (with PC Guy and Mac Guy) have been top of mind the last couple of days while this thought has been contemplated, the reasons for the switch go beyond mere advertising influence. At present, my DVD Burning is sketchy at best. The video editing takes FOREVER. The software incompatibility is on-going. For example, on Wednesday Micro$oft installed a critical update. From that point, my Norton Antivirus/Firewall/Utilities has/have caused the system to run extremely slowly. Today, Norton tells me the ‘Trial Period’ has ended and I need to activate. Funny, I paid for (renewed/installed/activated) the software only two months ago. Ridiculous. Point is, there are multiple problems with PC Guy.

So, at this point, it just comes down to when I can convince the CFO (aka – BetterHalf) to free up some CASH for capital expenditures. Since I doubt I’ll get carte blanche,we’ll prolly end up with an iMac or a Mac Mini. Either way, I see it as follows. Spend money on updating/upgrading the PC to run better, burn better, edit faster, be hassle-free…or spend the same money on a Mac.



UPDATE – spent four hours on a beautiful saturday a) chatting with Norton tech support b) removing all Norton installations c) re-installing all Norton software.