(Mentally IL, uploaded by oybay.)

How is it that this freak hasn’t tripped over his own shoelaces yet?

And, to keep flicking boogers at the world with sheer impudence?

Can’t we just send him off to sit at the kid table?


Come on…look at those glasses. They look like something that would cost $.20 at Mal-Wart. And, the grey parka? Give me a break. It looks as if it has never been dry-cleaned…let alone even the fashion faux pas of being photographed while wearing it. And, the hair? That has to be the WORST rug I have ever seen. Surely someone running a country can get a good toupe…even a 3rd world country.  At least Saddam looked trim and respectable while he was doping about. This guy, on the other hand, looks like some homeless dude begging for change…or, at a minimum, like he’s sitting in the back seat of the 3rd bus on the Metro Line.


(thanks to Oybay for doing the PShop work)