Recent events at Chez Jamoker’…

LilOne#1 saying – “This jacket makes me look ugly.”

(she is NOT old enough to be worried about how she looks)

LilOne#2 saying – “I’d like to have some privacy, please.”

(she is NOT old enough to even understand what ‘privacy’ means.)

LilOne#2 recently put an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet.

(what a pain in my a$$)

LilOne#1 got extremely upset when dear old Jamoker dad cheated in a race and beat her.

(need to help develop a little intestinal fortitude with that one…and, for the record, I had let her win all the races up to that point)

And, both LilOnes always want me to read ‘just one more book’ at bedtime.

Every day is an adventure…