In addition to the non-stop onslaught of jamoke emails and spam comments for cheep cheep farma-suiticals I get by leaving the front door unlocked (metaphorically), there are also the occasional nuggets of pure animosity that get left on the guestbook.

I love it when I get the hate.

Even with the highly effective and redundant filters and blockers I have running, some of the stuff slips through. But, for the most part, to slip through at this point means a real live person had to have written it…which is what catches my attention…

My thought is, if someone (however stable mentally) took the time to stop by and read a post or two and then felt enough spite and venom…enough piss and vinegar…enough hate…to go ahead and leave a typo and grammar mistake-laden, profanity-laced, tirade as a testament to their own shortcomings, then who am I to do anything but stand up and feel proud. Their cries for attention, in a rousing display of irony, are instead feeding my need for attention. Ain’t that grand?

(Everyone still here by this point is aware of the fraze, ‘tongue-in-cheek’, right?)

In response to this post from last May, a commentor (or is it commenter…I can never remember) who goes by the handle, ‘horrified‘, says the following…

nonsense. absolute fucking nonsense. ughhh. i spit on your words. is it just the reference to how people have sacrificed so much, or how you instantly turn to how good people have it here, that makes me sick. i’ve never wanted to take back two minutes of my life before, you’ve now changed my outlook. uggghhhh. between your admiration for texas and your rotten tooth statements about such a poetic as Frost, i loathe you. i only hope you never leave your filth upon the eyes of so many again. filth like that leaves me in dispair.

With the inclusion of the Monty Python reference, “I Spit On You…”, I immediately took this as a humorous comment. And, humor is always a good thing. Note that ‘dispair’ is not spelled correctly. It is a little confusing that ‘Frost’ would be capitalized, while ‘texas’ isn’t. And, I counted several fragment sentences. But, otherwise I thought it was a good comment overall.

Finally, to be ‘loathed’ so vociferously, this commenter/or MUST have REALLY understood the intent of my post…

Maybe the ‘dispair’ from which ‘horrified’ suffers has something to do with tooth decay?