Believe it or not, someone was searching for (quote):

“the name of the truck in romancing the stone”

(it was Pepe, My Little Mule by the way)

And, consequently, this someone paid a brief visit to The Jamoker site to get the answer.

Now, everyone has stories about how visitors find their respective sites.

But, whenever I get a visitor from what is obviously a VERY obscure search question, I’m always amazed. And it always reminds that the answer to EVERY question is online.

So, why would anyone RESEARCH anything the old fashioned way? For that matter, why allow oneself to matriculate (which I just did a quick definition search for online to make sure I had the context correct) the old fashioned way? College can be found online. Knowledge can be found online. Art instruction can be found online. Tutorials. Definitions. Answers.


The next time someone asks me if I have an MBA, I’m going to suggest they present me with a situation only an MBA would face and allow me to develop the answer using the internet instead. I bet I will perform just as well. All I need to do is search for the answers. Take that, Cost of Goods.

And, who’s to say that lots of professions couldn’t face a similar future.

Yes. Creativity lies within. No amount of searching will ever replace innate ability and intelligence (unless you believe in The Matrix). But, pure knowledge of things…answers to questions…learning…rote memorization…what’s the point now? It doesn’t need to be learned and remembered. It can always be ‘called-up’ using the online memory.

Too, Life Experience can’t be replicated on the internet. So, the MBA who has seen two or three start-ups flame-out may have an advantage over the iMBA. But, Experience is what distinguishes the wheat from the chaff now. And, this isn’t to say that learning the context of things isn’t important. Learning the importance of Columbus is important. But, having to remember “in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue” is just dumb.

Come on, ask me a question. Give me a challenge. I bet I can get the answer.