Being the definitive expert on Jamokes and Jamoke-ish activities, people often want to contact me and request my presence for speaking engagements…or to write the Forward or Preface in NonFiction Books…or, which is surely no surprise to anyone, to testify in court proceedings (for the prosecution). But, leading a public life is often very hard to handle for those most dear to me. As such, my advisors, assistants, and legal counsel have all instructed me to keep a line between myself and my adoring public.

But, don’t despair, that line is thin…and fairly easy to cross. Anyone needing to contact me can always just send me an email. I’ll always respond. Of course, it’ll be hard for me to respond without a valid return email address…so be to sure to proofread what you type. My email address is – jamoker AT gmail DOT com

So, there you have it. I look forward to hearing from you…

(p.S. – don’t bother sending nudie pics, I have plenty…)