I have mentioned this before…but, a) I thought it was worth mentioning again and b) I am currently light on new ‘material’ for which I can expound/pontificate/bloviate.

So, what is the point of the automatic email response from an online job application??

Seriously, it is a complete waste of time/effort, in my opinion. Is it meant to dissuade? Is it meant to placate? Is it meant to befuddle? Is it meant to show how technologically savvy said company is and inspire the candidate to sit idly by and wait for more instructions? Will the message self-destruct after 10 seconds?

What is it good for?

From the latest application…

Thank you for your interest in BLANK company. We appreciate the opportunity to review your resume for the position of BLANK job in BLANK city as posted on our website.

We are fortunate to receive many resumes for candidates with a variety of qualifications and take the time to review each resume carefully as to select the strongest candidates. Your resume has been forwarded to the appropriate hiring manager for review. If your background and experience is a fit with the requirements of the position, you will be contacted for an interview.

We will maintain a copy of your resume on file for the period of one year in the event a suitable opportunity should arise. Best wishes in your job search, and thank you again for your interest in our firm.


Director of Human Resources

Well, OK then. THAT is sure good to know. An email from the Vice President. WOW! I sure do feel great and excited about my potential prospects at that company. I just know I will be contacted for an interview!!

Oh, but wait…the above message came to my email inbox exactly 10 nanoseconds after I clicked ‘submit’ on the BLANK company’s website. So, it’s machine-generated.

How very droll.

(As an aside, the job search exercise is not necessarily as a result of any dissatisfaction with the current position. I’m just looking for the next challenge…)

Then, a few minutes later, I got another email…


Thank you for your interest in BLANK company.

We have received your resume in response to our recent job posting for the position of BLANK (BLANK city) . The posting has generated an enormous response from interested candidates. We are reviewing resumes and will contact candidates whose background and experience most closely fit the needs of the position.

A copy of your resume will remain on file and active for the period of one year. We appreciate your interest and wish you well in your job search.


Blank Blank
Human Resource,
Administrative Assistant

How very exciting!! I received TWO (automatically generated) emails. This is definitely good news!!! I’m so stoked…

Of course both emails say the same thing. (And, what’s this business about being saved for a year? In a year I will probably have no interest in working for this place. In a year I will have found something else. If I’m still “looking” in a year, somebody shoot me. Saving my resume for a year in the (trash) file is just HR babble.) And, both give the corporate baloney speak about “thanks” and “experience” and “interest” and “best regards”. And, that the second one is from the Administrative Assistant shows the true level of “reviewing” that will be done. I guarantee the VP told the Admin to wade through the “enormous” number of responses and weed out the junk. So, maybe the second one wasn’t automatic. Maybe he/she actually did send the email. And, maybe he/she actually reviewed my resume and application. But, it’s no comfort knowing the Admin is potentially responsible for hiring decisions…

So, in the end, what is the point of an automatically generated email?

Well, if it says, “hey jamoke, we got your application. chill out for a spell. we might call you.”…then I would be ok with it. But, if it says what the two emails say above, which is basically just HR email diarrhea, then no thanks. I don’t need that kind of disingenuous assurance.