And, here I thought a Black Betty was just a really cool song by Ram Jam.

But, au contraire, mon fraire…

A Black Betty is SO MUCH MORE…and, let’s not forget the Brown Betty and the Blonde Betty and the Auburn Betty and the Blonde Betty and the Fun Betty.

So many Betty’s, so little time.

The Betty Story.
I hadn’t planned on starting a cosmetics company. But sitting in a hair salon in Rome a few years ago, I made a discovery. As I saw women leaving the salon, I couldn’t help noticing that some would linger by the door. After a few minutes, their colorist would come back with a little paper bag, hand it to them and send them cheerfully on their way.

When I inquired about this mysterious ritual, the receptionist said: “Per sotto, per farli combaciare,” meaning: “For the hair down there… to make it match.” I thought, “How genius… A home coloring kit for the hair down there!”

And, it turns out, Betty’s don’t discriminate. Female…Male…Old…Young…

Whoa (Bam-ba-Lam) indeed!!!