It’s good to be back. Of course, I was never really away. Cosmic, eh?

“Le’s Get Metaphysical. Metaphysical. I Wanna Get Metaphysical. Metaphysical. Lemme Hear Your Mind Talk. Your Mind Talk. Metaphysical.”

Airports are a veritable treasure trove of jamokes in action. I wish I could take pictures and/or video. Having documentation of my observances would be my ticket to fame and fortune, I have no doubt.

This time?

This time it started with the usual. The plane was oversold and weight restricted. The airline asked for volunteers. Getting none, they started bumping people. As a flyer with status, I wasn’t selected to stay behind. I was allowed to board. But, as I waited for my ticket to get scanned, I heard this exchange between a woman and the “could barely speak English gate agent”:

Woman – “Well, I know this isn’t your concern, but I also had to get a hotel last night because Hertz lost my reservation. Now your telling me I won’t get on this flight. That’s two nights in a row where my travel has been disrupted. What are you going to do about it?”
Man (in broken English) – “Ma’am, this flight full.”
Woman – “But, Hertz lost my reservation.”
Man – “This flight full.”
Woman – “I heard you the first time.”
Man stared at his computer
Woman – “Don’t ignore me. I’m talking to you. What are you going to do about this? Because of Hertz, I’m stuck here.”
Man – “Ma’am, you have…you will try…get on the next flight.”
Woman – “But, I was supposed to be on this flight.”
Man – “Ma’am, this flight full.”
Woman – “I want to speak to your manager.”
Man – “Ma’am, the manager is I.”
Woman – “Well, this is ridiculous. I will never fly on this airline again.”
Man – “Ma’am, sorry am I. Please wait.”

I boarded the plane. She’s probably still standing there telling him about her Hertz reservation. Why she thought that was relevant to the conversation, I will never understand. And, why she thought getting obnoxious with the completely powerless gate agent is beyond me. One thing I have learned in my travels is that arguing with a gate agent is a worthless pursuit.

After landing we had to negotiate a wind/dust storm. Walking to the rental car was like something right out of a movie. We were bent over to lean into the wind and walking with our eyes nearly closed. I had sand/rocks/dirt in my hair and teeth. I could feel stuff in my shoes. It felt like we would be blown away. In the car and on the road to the hotel was a scene right out of the Grapes Of Wrath. Stuff was flying everywhere. The car was being blown sideways. Tumbleweeds were rolling everywhere and several hit the side of the car. In a way, though, it was kind of fun. How many people can say they have seen five foot tumbleweeds crash into road signs?


Ahhh, memories…

I had the pleasure of sampling a few Michelados while I was away. Let me tell you, they are GOOD. From the web:

A refreshing beer concoction that is a Mexican favorite, originating in the 1950’s when Tecate introduced beer in a can and promoted the now ritualistic lime wedge and salt on the rim. The tradition evolved along the Mexican Rivera into the “chelada” – a slang variation of “helada” – which means “iced”. This evolved even further into Michelada, or “My iced beer.” The variations created are as numerous as the regions of Mexico, but the foundation is always the same…Mexican Lager served over ice with a slice of lime and a salted rim.

GATO: fresh squeezed lime, ice and a salted rim

TRADITIONAL: Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and pepper

ROJO: Spicy tomato juice, Tabasco & Worcestershire sauce

So, for you, I have reproduced the specific ingredients and preparation instructions.

1 Beer (preferable Mexican Lager)
3 Drops tabasco sauce
Black Pepper; to taste
Salt; to taste
1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
Ice Cubes

Put the Worcestershire Sauce, Black Pepper, and Tabasco over ice cubes in a tall frosted glass with a salted rim. Pour in the beer. A wedge of lime may be added.


The “Man Laws” spots are funny. Ol’ Burt Reynolds plays a great “straight man”. But, the spot wherein which they say that fruit shouldn’t go in beer is wrong. Fruit does have a place with beer. Especially the beer from Mexico. If not for lime, some of that stuff would not be drinkable. And, besides, it’s a good source of vitamin C.

But, back to the Michelado. There is something unique about having your mouth and throat both on fire and frozen at the same time.

The meetings went well. Thankfully, this was the last travel I have to make for business the rest of the year. And, just in time too…I was starting to get tired of it.

Regarding the news of the day…the TomKat nuptials…all I can say is, I don’t believe it will last. Sure, they seem to be genuinely in love. But, this whole TomKat thing is just Hollywood PR, in my opinion. I give it two years…

Or, at least until the aliens come to take Tom Cruise back to wherever he came from…